Ring size 

To measure your ring size you can:

  1. Use a ring sizer.
  2. Wrap something around your finger, for example a small strip of paper. Make a mark where the edge of the strip meet the paper around your finger. Lay the paper down on a flat surface and measure the paper strip from the edge to the mark with a ruler. That is your fingers circumference and the last step is to compare your measurement with the Ring Size Guide. 
  3. Measure the inner diameter of a ring that you already know fits and compare it with the Ring Size Guide. 

        Remember that your ring size can vary depending on if you are hot or cold. To avoid a wrong measurement, try out your size a couple of times. 

        Necklace size 

        How each necklace size looks on a person can vary. If you want to know how a certain length looks on you then take, fore example, a piece of yarn and make it the same length as the necklace. Wrap it around your neck and see how it will look on you. This picture can help you to see approximately how each size looks.