the delicate detail that makes the difference.

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The Anna bracelet is a CbyC classic. The signature style captures the spirit of the brand in all its simplicity with its everyday elegance. Despite its effortless expression, the luxurious look and flawless feel of an Anna is not easily made. Each bracelet contain 48 tiny beads, carefully created by artisans in Thailand, a region known for its craftsmanship. Starting of as the smallest balls of melted metal, either sterling silver or gold vermeil, the beads are given their significant shape by precise cutting, a process completely made by hand. Only an experienced smith can create this beautiful bead and the art of Anna is taught from master to apprentice. Polished into perfections the beads are strung onto a thread of silk, coming in a wide range of colors for everyone to find their favourite.            

The Anna bracelet stand for so many things. Let it be a symbol for friendship, share with a sister or see it as a tiny token for eternal love. It could be given as the perfect gift or simply be a sweet treat just to spoil yourself. Wear as single or combine with other styles. Wear and tear, your Anna will shine for years.  

  • Fairtrade

  • One size

  • 48 petite pearls in 18K yellow gold or sterling silver

  • Made by hand

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